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management consultants sheffield yorkshire

Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC CMgr=Chartered Manager; FMCI=Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute; FIC=Fellow of the Institute of Consulting

excel Providing support to managers and directors to help them make the best informed decisions, providing a broad spectrum of consultancy services to businesses, government and institutions.
excel Experience in working with and for large, international and blue-chip companies, both in management roles as well as management consulting roles, in both the private and public sectors. Join our increasing number of successful clients with our bespoke consulting services.
excel I provide a free initial consultation to start my long-term relationships.
Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Experienced and accredited consultant: 750+ clients, Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Manager.

business consulting
management consultants sheffield

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Consultancy Services

Comprehensive Business Review: analysis and recommendations
Problem Analysis & Solving
Strategic Business Analytics & Business Intelligence
Operational Transformation
Customer Service, Customer Experience Transformation and Customer Engagement

Organisation Redesign and Change Management

excel Business Transformation and Rationalisation
Business Improvement and process re-engineering with an expert Management Consultant.

management consultant sheffield yorkshire

consultants in management and business advice
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Key Benefits

Get an intelligent and well thought-through independent opinion on your business plans from an experienced management consultant.
Make better decisions based on high quality and deep data analysis.
Generate original business ideas and solutions to transform your business for the better.
Engage customers and staff, analyse their interactions and improve systems accordingly.
Minimise operational time and costs through clever redesign and re-engineering.
Free initial consultation.
750+ consultancy clients

sheffield business consulting


management consulting

management business consultants sheffield


Institute of Consulting IC Fellow of the Institute of Consulting

Certified Management Consultant CMC
Certified Management Consultant

chartered manager Chartered Manager
experienced fsb member management consultancy membership
PRINCE2 & MSP Practitioner, Project Management
chartered management institute cmi Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
management consultant
management consultants

certified management consultant
business intelligence cmc
business process rerengineering bpr
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business process re-engineering excel consultant
customer engagement consultant
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All management consultants services provided as part of general business consultancy,
based in Sheffield, Yorkshire; working across the UK and internationally.
Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Chesterfield and the Sheffield City Region

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